Strategies To Keep Hair Strands Healthy In Kids

Children are delicate and that is why they are easily scared.

This is why a visit to the salon can sometimes be a scary experience for the child since strangers and strange smelling products everywhere surround him.

Hair cutting for kids

If you have a child then you must have surely experienced the difficulties that you have to go through when taking him or her for a haircut.child hair1

The best thing to do in such a situation would be to cut the child’s hair yourself. This not only calms the child down since he feels much safer at home, but it means that even you end up saving money and the time spent in convincing your child to come to the salon.

Except for the fact that the child’s hair is thinner compared to yours, the basic technique for cutting hair remains the same. Avoid taking short hair cuts until the time your child’s hair grows thicker.

If you lack experience in cutting hair, try a step-by-step guide on a kid’s hair cutting. Kids today have started taking interest in their hairstyles and looks, thanks to the fact that they are media savvy.

What you need to do over here is to encourage kids to start taking interest in their own hair and develop an interest in how to maintain and style it. Show your kid the right way to shampoo and rinse the hair.

Things and techniques like combing and brushing the hair, blotting the towel, etc need to be taught to the kids at an early age.

By teaching kids the importance and necessity of having good habits, you inculcate in them a sense of hygiene and learning to keep things neat and clean.

Healthy hair depends on healthy food so make sure that they eat their share of vegetables and fruits.

Hair care tips of kids


When washing hair, make sure that you use a shampoo [Hair shampoos] that is mild in nature. If a kid knows that the shampoo would not sting him, he will be encouraged to wash his own hair. Use a shampoo which kids like, for example a shampoo with your kids’ favorite scent or color.


When combing, comb out the tangles. Then ask the kids to comb their own hair as this creates in them a sense of trust. Remember that you comb on wet hair and not dry hair as regular combing provides a shine to the hair.


Tangles are a nightmare for kids and every parent knows it. However, with a few tips, you can take care of that.

  • Hold tight the portion of hair that you are combing.
  • Hold taut to make sure the kid does not feel that you are ripping the ends out.
  • Spray detanglers on the knot.
  • Conditioner should be applied when combing.

Helpful information to avoid comb-out tear

  • For smoothing down ponies use natural boar bristle brush
  • Rat tail comb for straighter part
  • Clarifying Conditioner
  • Snag-Free and Ouch less pony tail holders with wide tooth comb
  • Daily moisturizer or detangler
  • Hydrating shampoo
  • Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Natural oils and creamy hair moisturizer


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