Carrie Preston Offers Beauty Tips

True Blood star Carrie Preston is known not only for her histrionic ability but also for her personal sense of style and here she offers the benefit of personal beauty and skin care tips:

Her idea of beauty is simple – know what looks good on you and wear what is truly representative of who you are.

Carrie PrestonRather than following the herd, it is important to develop one’s own personal style because each of us is so very unique!

Hollywood’s obsession with being a certain size and having a certain kind of body can cause a lot of pressure, particularly on celebrities.

Preston deals with the pressure by eating well and exercising and feeling good and comfortable in her own skin.

According to her, she wisely resists the urge to compare herself with other women – those that she knows as well as those in the media.

She wishes that when she was younger she had the confidence in herself that she has today – that she had a better hair cut and showed off her body better. After all you are young only once!

As for the one beauty and skin care item she cannot do without; it is Indu Body Lotion, which according to her, “smells like heaven on earth”!


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