Easy To Follow Beauty Resolutions For The New Year

New Year is the time for new resolutions to make ourselves better looking. With the New Year as an excuse, promise yourself to take more care of your looks and skin. Simple resolutions can make a lot of difference not just to your looks but also to your self-confidence.

Promise to take more care of your skin. Ahealthy and glowing skin will not only make you look beautiful but also feel beautiful. Small changes like making it a point to remove makeup every single night before you retire to bed (no matter how late it is) will go a long way.


Promise yourself that you will not pick at the blackheads or pimples on your face. This will help you keep away from unnecessary infections and scars.

Throw out cosmetics that have reached their expiration dates and remember to change your mascara every four months. Try out new colors or even styles when it comes to make up to give yourself a new look this year.

Promise to avoid hot water baths or showers, instead opt for warm showers or baths as they are friendlier to the skin. Give your hair a rinse with cold water after you have conditioned it to make it shine. And use a body lotion every day after bath to keep the skin well moisturized.

Last but not the least quit smoking to give your skin a better chance.


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