Foxy Make-Up More In Trend Than Ever

The famous stylists and makeup artists call this line the “line for the foxy ladies”- one of the hottest and on top make-up styles lately.

One of the masters of makeup, Charlotte Tilbury, expert for MAC cosmetics named the line “Foxy ladies”, describing Blumarine’s feline and flirty faces.

How to achieve such a trendy look is no longer a question. All you need is the MAC’s Feline black and brown kohl eye pencil and their Black Track gel eyeliner.

blumarine 01

The artists apply this make up easily as they lay it inside of the eyelid and bring into relief the length of the eyelashes through Black Track eyeliner.

blumarine 02The brown colored pencil goes on the lower eyelid for more dramatic look and don’t forget to apply mascara. For the perfect foxy look you can use even artificial eyelashes.

blumarine 03The perfect finish of the foxy lady`s look is to use MAC bronzer for a more tanned face and to leave the lips nude, contrasting with your rich eye makeup. You can apply soft and neutral shades on the lips, but don’t go for bright colors.

blumarine 04The foxy look goes perfect with more hair volume. Any kind of hair moose or hairspray would do great job adding more glamorous volume to your hair.


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