Selecting Eye Shadow And Eyeliner Pencils For Best Results

Before you choose a pencil liner make sure you have found just the right one for you, by carrying out a few tricks beforehand to see how well it works.

Some pencils have the tendency to smear and smudge giving us a rather neglected look.

To make sure you have selected a good eyeliner pencil draw a line between your forefinger and thumb and see if the pencil leaves a smooth line without smudges and does not soften immediately.

Once you have chosen the pencil eyeliner, make sure you keep it sharpened; this will give you even straight lines.eyeshadow

Draw a thin line just above your eyelashes, applying a light pressure, check to make sure if that is indeed what you wanted, then pass over a few more times to achieve the perfect effect.

When applying eye shadow, use the smallest, thin angle brush to apply the makeup, with soft bristles. If you are using dry eye shadow, pick at it lightly and then apply it.

When using wet eye shadow, slightly wet the brush not the eye shadow tray then apply it, making sure to get rid of all the moisture, else it will crack the eye shadow on your eyelids.


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