Revlon – A Nail Polish With Perfume Scent

It’s been 70 years since the cosmetic giant Revlon is selling nail enamels. The company is one of the best when it comes to nail polishers and since 1992 their products are with a reduced level of toxins.

They in fact were the first company to produce nail polish with fewer toxins than the others at the market. Yet Revlon has tradition and it is preferred among many cosmetic brands, for their nail polish represents quality and a standard.


Revlon has news for their fans. Soon will be released in the market another of their revolutionary products. This time this will be a nail polish with scent that lasts even when the polisher is dry.

According to the producers, the perfume scent will last nearly 5 days after applying the polisher. For now, the information about the line includes smells like Grape Icy, Ocean Breeze and Beach, which are going to be part of the scented nail polishes.


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