What’s in Your Skin Care Product?

We use all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products, and perhaps do not stop to think what it is that we put on our skin. The ingredients of skin care products, can get absorbed by the skin and into the blood stream and the fact that they could include preservatives, dyes and toxins is a matter of concern.


It is a pertinent point that law doesn’t require the 50 billion dollar cosmetics industry to list every ingredient that they use for the product, on the label.

An estimated 12,500 separate chemicals have never been tested for safety by a government agency, and they are still used for a number of cosmetic products.

The charge is that these are potentially harmful; even toxic ingredients may not seem like much but when they are used each day over a long period of time, they tend to build up in the system.

Parabens, which are often not listed exactly as such on an ingredients label of a product, are in particular cause for concern since they can act like synthetic estrogen and may become endocrine disrupters. Parabens have been known to be associated with breast cancer tumors.


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