Instant Face Masks With Natural Skin Care Product From Your Kitchen Items!

Natural Skin Care ProductNature has gifted many natural skin care products to enhance your skin.

In most of the cases, there is no need of buying products for enhancing your skin, as some of these can be found in your own kitchen.

A natural skin care product reveals the great qualities that are inherent in it by making you beautiful, cleansing your skin and brightening your complexion.

Generating a facial mask with a natural skin care product available in kitchen is a good practice of enhancing your skin.

For achieving great results, apply any type of face mask at least once in a week; also wash your face with warm water followed by cold water. You can experience the good effects of mask in a little while.

Prepare Face Masks with a Natural skin Care Product

Egg mask:

Egg, a natural skin care product is great in toning your skin. Face mask with eggs tightens the skin, gives rigid face with wrinkle reduction. Simply beat an egg till it is firm.

Apply the mask on your entire face and wait for twenty minutes then wash it off. The skin on the inner shell acts as an acne treatment. So, apply it on the skin and wait for thirty minutes for reducing the appearance of the acne.

Honey mask:

This is very easy to prepare. It is a cleansing and honey, a natural skin care product that acts as an antibacterial. For this mask, a runny honey is essential. So, for a required consistency, run honey in a bowl under warm water but see that it is not too hot. It needs to be warm and runny but not hot.

You can apply this mask even to a sensitive skin. Apply this mask to entire face and wait for few minutes. You will start feeling as if it is dragging. First wash your face with warm water till honey off from your face and then wash with cold water.

Acne mask from kitchen items:

To help control acne, you can prepare a mask using natural skin care products from your kitchen items for fighting against acne. For this, make a fine paste of half cup strained tomato pulp and powdered milk [Home remedies for Acne].

Blend this mixture until it is smooth. Now spread this paste all over and allow it to dry for twenty minutes. Wash only with warm water. You can make use of carrots, bananas, or cucumbers as a substitution for tomatoes.

Strawberry alpha hydroxy mask:

Straw berry, a natural skin care product helps improve your skin. Take 4-5 strawberries and make them a fine thick pulp. Apply this to your face and wait for about twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water followed by cold. This is not a good treatment for a more sensitive skin.

A facial mask using mayonnaise helps your rough skin to become soft. But use only a light layer, and allow it for fifteen minutes before washing it off. So, effective, inexpensive and instant facial masks can be easily prepared with a natural skin care product from your kitchen items.


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