30 Minutes To A Younger Looking You

If it is a party or a hot date you have this evening and are looking for a quick way to spritz away some of those tell tale signs of age, they here are 7 tips to look instantly younger –

skin care

1. Keep eye cream in the fridge. It feels extra refreshing when you use it, and the cold acts to constrict the blood vessels in the area to help get rid of puffiness and swelling more effectively.

2. Use an at home gloss treatment for your hair, to instantly give it a shine and helping bring out the highlights. A shinier mane can brighten up your entire face.

3. They say eyebrows are the frame for the face, so take a minute and define those brows. Get rid of the stray hairs that are out of place by plucking them out. Use an eyebrow definer pencil to give greater definition and fills out those sparse areas.

4. For taut and toned skin, use a body firming cream or gel.

5. Get a layered hair style; this keeps hair mobile and interesting.

6. Take a brisk walk to help jump start your metabolism and give you a rosy glow.

7. Keep the nails short, with a clear polish for good-looking hands and a young, fun vibe.


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