New Fat-based Anti-wrinkle Lotion Slows Down Aging of Skin

skin agingAccording to the researchers, topical applications of a naturally occurring fat molecule have the potential to slow down skin aging, whether through natural causes or damage.

Both normal aging process and external factors like UV rays damage your smooth and young skin, making it wrinkled.

The basis of this wrinkling is that time and damage both lower the production of new collagen while increasing the levels of enzymes called MMPs that chew up existing collagen.

In samples of skin cells, three of the lipids could prevent UV-radiation from both reducing collagen expression and increasing the levels of MMPs; they even increased collagen in undamaged skin cells.

Of these three, the molecule phosphatidylserine (PS) seemed the most promising, so the researchers tested it on human skin.

They applied a 2% PS solution to small areas of the buttock in both young and old volunteers; the young skin was subsequently given a dose of UV-radiation to simulate sun damage.

In both natural and UV-induced aging, PS treatment prevented collagen reduction and an increase in MMPs when compared to no treatment.

Source: ScienceDaily


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