Anti Wrinkle Cream Will Reduce The Wrinkles Present On Your Skin

Anti Wrinkle CreamAs a human being our age will be increasing day by day. There will be more problems with increase in age such as health problems, sight problems, etc.

Among these problems, one of the most important problems that will indicate the age of the person is wrinkles problem. In order to get out of this problem you should use some methods. [Wrinkle prevention]

Wrinkles will appear on your skin according to your age. A person with wrinkles will look much older than their age. (Causes of Wrinkles)

The one and only method to get rid of wrinkles is by applying anti wrinkle cream.

Anti wrinkle cream is the cream that is used to reduce the wrinkles from your face. Wrinkles will generally appear on face and neck.

Process of selecting anti wrinkle cream:

Anti wrinkle cream should be selected according to your skin type. Basically there are two skin types’ namely dry skin and oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you should select the wrinkle cream without oils such as gels. If you have dry skin, then you should select the cream which has oils in it. These oils will keep your skin away from drying (dry skin care).

You should select your anti wrinkle cream with the following ingredients:

Absolutely anti wrinkle cream will be effective with the ingredients present in it. You should be careful while selecting your anti wrinkle cream.

You should select the anti wrinkle cream that contains the ingredients such as hydroxyl acids, acetyl hexapeptide-3, tea extracts like green tea, dermaxin, and vitamin-A.

The functions of each and every ingredient are as follows:

Hydroxyl acids:

  • Alpha, beta and poly hydroxyl acids are the particular hydroxyl acids that you should look in your anti wrinkle cream. These three will be found in one form as avotone.
  • These acids are produced from sugar containing fruits which acts as an exfoliant to your skin.
  • These acids will remove your old or dead skin.

Acetyl hexapeptide-3:

  • It helps to decrease the intense of muscle growth in your face and neck.
  • This will not make your skin irritate.
  • The decrease in the intense of the muscle will be done by reducing the number of neurotransmitters that the body can able to produce.

Tea extracts:

  • Black, oolong and green tea contains the compounds which has anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties.
  • The most common found ingredient in anti wrinkle cream is green tea extract. It will help in the prevention of wrinkles in various aspects.


  • Dermaxin is the product that consists of four potent anti wrinkle ingredients.
  • Dermaxin helps in moisturizing your skin, promoting collagen production, helps to combat with the signs of aging, and in the reduction of wrinkles.


  • Vitamin-A is the component of avocado oil which will be found in avotone.
  • It contains anti oxidant properties which are useful in the prevention of free radicals.

So, while selecting your anti wrinkle cream you should check whether all the necessary ingredients needed are present in it or not. It is better to go for patch test before applying cream.


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