Blow Drying Your Hair Can Be Done Without Causing The Feared Damage

To start with, you need the right type of blow dryer. You want a blow drier with 1800 watts of power or even 2000 watts if you have really thick hair.

Choose a blow drier that weighs below 2 lbs so that you don’t end up straining your arm when using it.

You will need a suitable hair brush if you want the perfectly styled hair. A paddle brush is just the brush for styling straight hair.

blow dryYou may want an oval brush if you want straight hair with a slight curve. A round brush is suitable to style in waves and curls for your hair.

For best results your hair should not be wet when applying styling products. You need to dry them a little before starting. A straightening serum will do the trick if you want straight hair. You may want a hydrating styling cream to have soft and shiny hair.


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