Choosing The Right Shampoo May Save You From Bad Hair Day

It is true that the hair is a person’s crowning glory, especially for women. There are several conditions that cause a bad hair day; like the type of hair that you have, the treatments used for the hair, the weather condition, exposure to pollution and basically the hair shampoo that you use.

Before you are able to determine the right shampoo for you, you must first identify your hair type.

It could be: dry, normal, oily or greasy, damaged hair due to chemicals and too much heat or you may have a combination hair that is normal but turns greasy at the end of the day.


Now after you have identified your hair type, here are some helpful tips in choosing hair shampoos or other hair products:

  • If you are still unsure what your hair type is, you can ask your hairdresser, he will be the best person to know what your hair type is.
  • If you can afford it, buy your shampoo from your favorite salon or hairdresser. Shampoos used in salons are usually of better quality than those that can be bought from the supermarket. Commercial shampoos usually contain a high amount of silicone that coats the hair shaft to make the hair appear shinier. Silicone however, is not healthy for the hair and the body.
  • If you have thinning hair, it would be wise to buy shampoos made from natural products with fewer chemicals. You may even want to try your baby’s hair shampoo as they are definitely mild.
  • If your hair is dry, buy a shampoo that gives extra moisture, plus finish it with a good conditioner. This will also help prevent scaling and dandruff, which is a common problem for people with dry hair.
  • Do not be scared to try different brands of shampoo until you find the most suitable for you. I suggest you buy in smaller packs if you just want to try a brand instead of buying bigger bottles.
  • Use specific shampoos for damaged and colored hair for they contain more moisturizers to correct and repair damaged hair.
  • You may have to choose different shampoos depending on the time of the year because the weather condition slightly affects the state of your hair at different months of the year.
  • If you are exposed daily to pollutants from car fumes, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals and dust, you need to shampoo your hair daily, but be sure to get a mild one so your hair will not be stripped of its natural nutrients.

Remember these guidelines to keep your hair healthy, shiny and damage free – so you no longer have to worry about bad hair day.


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