Stress Is The Enemy Of Your Beauty

Stress can cause many problems, but to those who are taking care of their beauty, it is enemy number one.

According to leading experts stress is guilty for inflamed skin and thinning of the hair.

If you are put in a stressful situation, this will bring a nasty result for your beauty. Anxiety and tension leads to high blood pressure and diabetes, but that also reflects on your skin.

beautiful skin

Acne is the first thing, which might happen to your skin if you are on the edge of your nerves for too long.

Chronic stress also affects your skin, it ages quickly and wrinkles are part of this. If you think only your skin suffers from the stress, you are not right.

Your hair might start falling out or get grey faster due to loss of vitamin B, which stress causes in the body. Same thing happens with the nails. Stress makes them weaker, brittle and more prone to splitting.


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