Does Vitamin Deficiency Affect The Growth Of The Nails?

Don’t think like nails are neglected part of your body and they don’t need much care as your skin.

You can tell more about a person by looking at their nails.

Just like the skin, nails also need proper nutrition for ensuring strong and healthy nails.

Vitamin deficiency makes your nails to become white, dry and brittle.

To keep your nails healthy, you should include lot of fruits and vegetables to get the required vitamins [Importance of vitamins].nail growth

Several vitamins are responsible for your nails growth like vitamin-A, vitamin-C, vitamin-B12, calcium, hydrochloric acid, fatty acid, etc.

The vitamins which are necessary for nail care are:

  1. Vitamin-A and calcium are essential for your nails to avoid dryness and brittleness of nails. For vitamin A, take fruits that are yellow and orange in color or vegetables that are dark green.
  2. The deficiency of retinoid, derivative of vitamin A, can cause nail shedding and nail fragility.
  3. Vitamin C is an important vitamin that can prevent hangnails and swelling of nail tissue. You can find vitamin C in green and red peppers.
  4. Protein is essential element present in the nails. Low intake of protein can create problem in processing and results in brittle nails and hangnails.
  5. Deficiency of folic acid and low levels of vitamin C can contribute to hangnails, which can be painful and prone to infection.
  6. Vitamin deficiency can lead to brittle nail syndrome. Biotin treats this syndrome effectively. Eat food that is rich in biotin like whole grains.
  7. Vitamin-B12 is essential for your nails to avoid dryness, curved ends, darkening of nails, etc.
  8. Hydrochloric acid is essential for your nails to avoid the causes of splitting nails.
  9. Consumption of essential fatty acids, which are required for your body, avoids the occurrence of red skin around your cuticles. Poor metabolism of fatty acids can cause the problem around cuticles. Therefore, you can solve this problem by consuming essential fatty acids.

To ensure healthy nails, balanced diet is essential. Sufficient intake of water is also important as it provides moisture to your nails.


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