Get The Look You Crave With Eye Make Up Essentials

eye makeupEvery season we’re bombarded by magazines telling us that we need this and that to achieve the look of the season, but the thing is, if we listen to every mag that we read then we’ll end up with a whole whack of skin and beauty products that we’ll never really use or only use once or twice.

Why buy that electric violet shadow that sparkles like a disco ball just because Glamour says it’s the color you deserve?

Do you even like half of the colors that you see in the magazines anyway?

Yes, there are trends in make up just as there are in clothing, gadgets and everything else, but you don’t need to follow every last trend out there and you certainly don’t need to buy loads of ridiculous colors in order to look ‘now’ when it comes to your eye make up.

And finally, if you are going to buy one or two questionable shadows or pencils to test out a trend; there is no need to go high end when the cheaper department store brands will do just fine.

Getting a hot look means buying a few eye make up essentials that never go out of style and offer some versatility. Before I even get into what these essentials are, let me tell you of the best investment you can make when it comes to the look of your eyes; a good moisturizer.

By keeping the delicate area around your eyes properly hydrated you will have a nice smooth canvas to work on so your make up will look flawless. Taking care of your skin will make your cosmetics look a thousand times better.

Part of keeping that skin healthy is making a point to properly remove your eye make up everyday and luckily this can be done with minimal investment thanks to inexpensive eye make up removers or some unlikely alternatives like rose water which is cheap and found in any drugstore or baby wipes which really do the trick!

Now here are the only eye make up essentials you need to take you from classic to trendy looks with a few extra strokes:

  • Good set of brushes and applicators
  • Liquid liner in dark brown or black (These are a lot easier to use than you realize!)
  • A small pallet of eye shadow that include neutrals to brighter colors
  • A shimmer powder that will work double duty as a shadow and highlighter for cheeks
  • White eye liner (Rim the inside of your bottom lid for an instant perk up!
  • Mascara in dark brown or black

That may not seem like a lot but it really does cover it all! A small palette of shadows will offer variety and you can use the darker and brighter shades as a liner by applying with a fine, damp brush.

The liquid liner adds instant glam for a night time look and the shimmer powder will not only take your eyes from day to night by adding a little more but you can also use it above your brown and on cheekbones to brighten up your face! Add a little to the inside corner of your eyes to make you look fresh too! A little will really go a long way!


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