The Perfection Of Your Eyes And Lips Is Only One Touch Away

Achieving the perfect touch of make-up is now more than easy. You can simply follow the make-up artist’s advices and add a more stunning look to your lips and eyes. When comes to fuller lips, the best friend you have is the natural color gloss.

The more neutral is the color, the more puffed look to your lips. One good tip for fresher look to your lips is adding a lip balm or cream before you apply the gloss.

best lashes and lips

Lately the matte look of your face is very modern and gives you a perfect makeup cover for a long time. Use matte foundation and research which colors suits best for your skin.

Waterproof mascara is an option for those of you, who want to have mascara on the whole day. In case you relay on longer lashes, then use curly mascara for more effective length.

When it comes to color, choose the one that makes your lips sexy with adding just a touch of it. The Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color is exactly that kind of lipstick that applies simple nuance on your lips, but the shea butter and the matter texture makes the lips irresistible.


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