Compact Powder Foundation Is More Suitable For Touch-Ups Away From Home!

The Makeup Powdery Foundation Case And Refill

This is the make up compact powder foundation.

Proper powder foundation is essential for your face to look more beautiful or to maintain pretty look.

This powder tones your skin to obtain natural look.

This is a powdery foundation which you can use this one as wet or dry.

There are no chemicals added in this product. This creamy and powdery foundation can be carried with you where ever you go.

Sponge will be given with this product; you can use sponge for spreading powder evenly on your face.

foundation powder

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Maquillage Climax Lasting Powerdery Fdn Case + Refill

powder foundationThis make up foundation powder will give attractive look to your face.

You skin will look soft and smooth by applying this powder.

This is a powdery foundation and it can be spread easily by using the sponge given along this product.

You can use this powder foundation in two forms that is in dry as well as in wet (to added intensity) form.

You can make your cheeks look more beautiful by the usage of this product. This product is comfortable to carry along with you.

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Shiseido – Powder – Revital Royal Refined Loose Powder

powder foundationThis is the best product which will enhance your beautiful look.

There are no chemicals and harmful products used in this foundation powder.

It will give you creamy color foundation and makes your skin to appear much softer than you have.

A sponge will also be given along this powder.

This sponge helps you to spread the powder uniformly on your face. This product can be used in dry as well as in wet form.

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