Go WEN For A Perfect Hair

Born from the very poignant creative genius of Chaz Dean, the WEN line of cosmetics appeared on the market in 1985, in Los Angeles.

From using dolls as models for his ideas of beauty, then using his family members as subjects in the beautification process, to having people lined up in order to get their hands on one of his products, Chaz Dean has gone a long way.

The first job Dean has done with high success was hair styling; he even got to having Hollywood stars among his regular clients. That time of his life allowed him to realize exactly what was missing from the hair care and body care world, things he could come up with to improve them both, which he actually put into practice once he could afford that.

Replacing the damaging hair care products was the first thing Chaz Dean had in mind. He was hoping to find a way of replacing the toxic shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients; he did that in 1993, when WEN by Chaz Dean was born.

After no less than five years of testing, the products were allowed to hit the markets. With the help of marketing and of course with a very successful line of products, WEN has gained the name it has today in the world of body and hair care.


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