Dietary Supplements For Anti-Aging

anti agingOften good skincare starts with the basics, which is a well balanced diet and regular exercise, drinking lots of water is beneficial too.

Don’t forget the food triangle as a useful tool when determining what to avoid and the groups which are best, like five a day of fruits and vegetables. This is particularly important if you are trying to fight the effects of aging.

Not everything that helps us can be absorbed through what we consume alone, so a good idea is to take a supplement of which there are many on the market.

The key is to make sure that whatever formula of the various vitamins and other nutrients you choose that it also has anti-oxidants. The latter relates to the regeneration of cells and also maintains balance.

Another ingredient to look out for, in regards older men and women, is alpha hydroxyl acid which will assist in maintaining the correct levels of PH that the body needs.

Most manufacturers of food supplements have a range specifically targeted to the various age groups and people who need more specific extra nutrients for example expectant mothers.

Drug companies do their research very well; indeed they annually spend many millions of dollars in the process, and therefore can be relied upon to know the requirements of each section of the general population.

Known good additions to your daily diet include all the vitamins from A through to E, and not all of these can be absorbed in large enough quantities to make a difference so therefore need to be included as a supplement.[Anti aging skin care]

If you are unsure it might be worthwhile consulting either a dietitian or your doctor who can advise you best the action that need to be taken.

To stay looking younger for longer, certain things need to be stimulated like the reproductive cells that prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Your metabolic rate needs a regular boost as does your immune system, the old adage looking after your body means the skin will look after itself, is pretty true. Bottom line is if you become ill then often it is your skin the first thing to suffer.

It is a fact of life that some foods that are known to provide essential substances don’t taste that great. Dark greens are not to everyone’s liking, an oily fish is not for everyone; this is where the role of the supplements comes in to provide those missing factors in your diet.


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