Do Anti Aging Skin Products Work? The Experts Answer

Enticing claims such as “instant reduction of fine lines” or “disappearance of wrinkles in X number of days” are constantly made about skin creams that are supposed to transform the way we look, but dermatologist and other experts are of the view that these claims are inaccurate.

The fact is that manufacturers are not required to prove their claims of efficacy of anti aging products, and so over the counter products are free to make claims without backing them up with scientific study based evidence.

anti aging products

As such manufacturers are free to make enticing and impressive seeming claims; many of these are largely meaningless.

According to Dr. Ben Goldacre, author ofBad Science: Quacks, Hacks and Big Pharma Flacks, such scientific sounding phrases used on the advertisement material and packaging of anti aging products are just a marketing ploy and something that enhances the decorative appeal.

Another point regarding anti aging products is that expensive brands may offer the same results as cheap generics; that there is really no connection between pricing and efficacy of the product.

According to many experts this is an area where much research is required to be done; unfortunately however, human skin health is an underfunded field of research.


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