High End Products – Same Ingredients As Generics?

This article raises an interesting point about how sometimes the ingredients of high end products and generics could be identical or similar to a large extent.

anti-aging-productThe article speaks about a high end ‘Miracle’ anti aging product, called Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Serumwhich retails for 225 pounds (or more than 350 dollars) which is clearly something that only the well heeled can afford to use. This product contains a rare Swiss apple serum which is its USP.

Now, however another brand, Superdrug is selling almost the same formulation, containing the same rare Swiss apple serum – but for less than 10 pounds or about 15 US Dollars.

According to Andrew Groom, brand director of Superdrug, the customer is paying just for the active ingredient and nothing else.

Other top end companies have a lot of overheads, such as marketing, advertising, expensive models, fancy packaging, and all of these costs get passed on to the consumer.

When you think about it, why should the consumer have to pay for all of this, when you get the same benefit from a similar product that is as good and as beneficial but without the unnecessary fripperies?

Is the cache and the brand name really worth all that? Only the consumer can decide obviously!


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