Super Facials – High Tech Treatment Options For Your Skin – 2

We have been speaking of super facial treatments such as the Buccal Technique, the Parisian Peel and the Triple action facial in part 1 of this post, here are some more super facials that are gaining popularity:

The 60 minute face lift aims to reduce slack or loose skin. A microdermabrasion tool polishes away dead skin, blue and red LED lights, get rid of bacteria responsible for causing spots, and help to rejuvenate the complexion.


Slack facial muscles are tightened using two hand held probes. Finally it is the ‘wrinkle comb’ that uses micro current technology to target the deeper wrinkles.

The Super Charged Facial uses intense plugged light and laser to get rid of problems ranging from sun damage to thread veins.

The procedure includes cleansing, steaming, extraction, exfoliation, eyebrow shaping and finally ultrasound to stimulate cell renewal.

The Homeo Dermal Facial is for those who would prefer not to use chemicals on their skin and this treatment uses micro current technology and combines it with homeopathic medicines to improve skin condition.

The homeopathic product, which are customized to suit the customer and the micro current are used together to help lift and tone the facial skin.


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