The Beauty From The Syringe Is Easy To Handle And Can Be Kept A Secret

In case you don’t want any kind of surgery for your face, take a look at the most common practices for facial treatment that works as well as any surgery.

facial filler

Many dermatologists are arguing about which procedure is the best, yet one of the most common in the branch is the one with the facial fillers. The most often used fillers are Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse.

facial filler 1

The first three of them are working on the principles of the hyaluronic acids fillers. They are representing natural sugar compound and are perfect for those of you, who want to add more volume to the skin.

These are of course methods that flatter your wrinkles. The advantage of using these procedures is in their safeties. The effect of using them lasts at least six months and the swelling after the injection is up to 7 days.

Radiesse on the other hand is a procedure that is one of the most common in Europe, where it’s been used since 1996. The bonus of Radiesse is that it contains calcium hydroxyapatite, which is substance from the human body and can be found in our bones and teeth. There is no risk of having an allergic reaction and no need of testing before the injection.


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