Gen Y Men Choose Beauty Treatments, Not Power Tools

A recent survey has revealed that masculine activities like building work shed and using power tools are giving way to beauty treatments among men, which is a growing trend.

It is at the bathroom mirror rather than under the hood of the car that the Generation Y men choose to spend their time. In the survey, 1,251 men between the ages of 18-64 were asked to answer questions on male grooming habits. Some interesting stats revealed by the Australian survey stated –

  • beauty-treatments-among-menA quarter of men surveyed said that they never worked on their car.
  • Only one in ten played soccer with their friends.
  • 60% have bought no new power tool in the last 12 months.
  • Two thirds of the men surveyed confessed to not even having a work shed.
  • A surprising 20% said that they had some sort of waxing done.
  • A similar one in five respondents had their eyebrows shaped at a salon.
  • 7% have used a concealer at some point to disguise blemishes.
  • And as many as 15% have had a facial.
  • Spray tans, pedicures and manicures; 54% guys have had some or other type of beauty treatment.
  • Gen-Y guys take as long as women to get ready according to their own admission.


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