Eyebrow Waxing – To Shape Your Brow And Increase The Beauty Of Your Eyes!

Eyebrows are the most neglected part of one’s face. Today, women are not paying much attention towards eyebrows as is required.

However, well-shaped and groomed eyebrows are one of the highlighting features of the face that makes you look great and younger.

Eyebrow shaping can do wonders for you when shaped perfectly and suitably.

Eyebrow shaping is best done with eyebrow waxing. It is an easiest and fastest method of shaping your eyebrows.

Eyebrow waxing is the best alternative to plucking and tweezing the extra hair from the brow line. Using eyebrow waxing, you can easily shape your brows at home.Eyebrow Waxing

So, if you prefer shaping your brows at home through eyebrow waxing, here are some tips:

Prior to eyebrow waxing the brows bring the eyebrows in its natural shape. For this, use a baby toothbrush to brush the eyebrow into its position.

Apply an astringent, such as witch hazel, on the brow and allow it for sometime in order to make the sensitive skin under the brow get anesthetized.

Determine the suitable eyebrow shape by estimating the brow length and the brow curve you desire to have.

To work out the brow length, hold a ruler parallel to your nose and level it with the inner corner of the eye and notice where from the brow should start and mark this point using the brow pencil.

For close-set eyes, see that the gap between the brows is much wider. However, for the eyes that are far apart, keep very less gap between the brows and never wax the start line of the brow too much to have a balancing effect.

To work out the brow curve, hold the ruler starting from the rim of the nostril, pass through the outer edge of the iris, to the eyebrow and mark the peak point of the brow curve with a dot.

Connect the marked dots in a gentle arch to employ the perfect shape of the eyebrow that you desire to achieve. This helps as a guideline to follow when applying the wax. Try for a smooth arched brow that narrow slightly at the outer edges.

For an eyebrow waxing, a professional waxing kit is essential and it is available as a jar or tub of hot wax containing a small spatula and muslin removal strips.

To apply the wax, warm up the wax by keeping the jar in the boiling water to the most favorable temperature.

Use the given spatula to apply the hot wax for eye waxing. First apply the wax to the growth, in the same direction of the hair growth, under the eyebrow. Don’t use much wax. Use only a thin layer of wax for eye waxing.

Remove the unwanted hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth using the removal strips before the wax get dry.

Don’t use wax above the eyebrows. For thick hair growth, always wax off a little hair at a time. Avoid direct sunlight and liquid makeup for at least some hours after eyebrow waxing.


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