Home Remedies for Acne Prone Skin!

Ouch! These troublesome acne, how on earth can you get rid of them? Allow us to help you to solve your acne problem. Try these simple home remedies to get rid of your acne problem at the earliest.

All the ingredients of these home remedies are surprisingly available in your kitchen. So what are you waiting for start your recipe making for that beautiful acne free skin right now!

Before that you actually know what acne are all about and what damage they cause to your skin. Acne is formed by the excessive oil production on the skin which in turn leads to bacteria accumulation and thus leading to acne.acne

Acne may be painful at times and form scars, so these acne and scars caused by them become a matter of beauty and cosmetic concern as they spoil the entire look of the person.

Many chemical composition creams, topical applications, gels and lotions are available in the market for your use but remember these have chemicals which may lead to side effects and above all they are expensive.

Also continuous use of these chemical products may lead to some other skin disorders in future as these chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Now let’s see how home remedies help you from this disaster. You don’t dare to read them and just put them aside, if you are really interested in getting rid of them then you better try these home remedies at the earliest. Remember sooner the better. A New Clear and a Beautiful Look is awaiting you! So Just Try Them!

Natural Cleansing

Yes you can make your own cleansing recipe at home. Just take a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and clean your face every morning. This really works to reduce your acne. This is one of the home remedies used by many people in their process to fight against acne.

Garlic for Health and Skin

Simply rub garlic cloves on the acne several times to reduce them. Water is good for health and skin, add lemon and honey to water and drink at least 3 glasses per day. Eat healthy live healthy! Carrots and cucumbers are good for your skin eat them raw or drink their juice.

Eggs for Skin

Apply egg white on your skin and leave it over night or few hours. This acne home treatment not only help you to clear off acne but also tightens your skin keeping it strong against wrinkles formation. Get that young look too!

Steam is Good

Add apple cider vinegar to some water pretty enough to take steam. This will help you to control and reduce acne. Home remedies for acne scars is take a tablespoon of yogurt, oatmeal and sour cream with fat 0% for oily skin and few drops of lemon juice and apply on the face, wash it off after 10minutes.


Toothpaste for Acne treatment! Surprised! Yes you can use toothpaste for curing acne simply apply toothpaste on the acne. Remember not to use gels only toothpaste is recommended and restrict its use to only acne not on the skin as this will lead to dryness.

So hope you have few handy home remedies to fight acne. Take Care!


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