The Most Easy and Effective-Natural Skin Care!

natural skin careIt is most common that many of us neglect our skin care because of the reason that we cannot effort to dedicate much time from our busy schedule for the skin care.

But how many of us know the fact that taking care of our skin can be done without spending much time and money.

Yes, this is possible. This is what natural skin care all about is. Find out more about this in detail

Important! Just merely applying topical creams and lotions is not the complete skin care. What you should know is that natural skin care is something above and more than this. This is making your skin feel and look better in the easiest way.

Keeping fit and healthy is the rule for one and all these days. People do workouts, exercise and eat healthy diet just to match their requirement of being fit. After all health is wealth. Though this concept is well understood by all of us we don’t apply the same to our skin. Yes, natural skin care is also related to diet and exercise.

The next step in natural skin care is cleansing. For oily skin this should be repeated more times a day when compared to dry skin. Again for dry skin people cleansing should be done by mild soaps or face wash free from soap to avoid more dryness.

Remember to apply cleansers and creams in an upward motion and towards the ears. This procedure should be repeated a couple of times taking care to leave the cleanser on the face for some time. For any type of skin a cleanser with a combination of milk, honey and oatmeal can be massaged into the skin. This will definitely show good results. Don’t forget to remove all traces of cleanser by rinsing off with water. Never use hot water instead lukewarm water or cold water is ideal.

Your natural skin care is not complete unless and until you use a skin freshener or a toner. If you have a dry skin go in for a non-alcoholic freshener and if your skin is oily, an alcohol and water base would be efficient.

Exfoliation is the next step to be followed for that good looking and healthy skin in natural skin care. Malic acid in apple juice is an excellent exfoliator for your skin no matter what type of skin you have. After a time span you realize that your skin becomes dull and lifeless and looses its glow and charm. This is reasoned by accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt and sebum. Don’t worry you can regain that glowing look just by using face mask.

Use of moisturizer is a good practice for dry skin people. Moisturizer retains the natural oils lost by cleansing and bathing. For oily skin people oil free moisturizers are also available. Don’t forget to apply sunscreens when you are on an outing. Remember a sunscreen with an SPF of over 15 applied at least 10 minutes before you go out, because it blocks most of the UVR.

Tip of the day to have a healthy skin is drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, reduce stress, sleep well and eat healthy. This is all you need to do. Take Care and have a good and healthy skin forever.


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