Squeezing Pimples/Acne – Why It’s Such A Bad Idea

It can be an irresistible urge to try and hurry along the acne – to burst or pop that unsightly pimple – to squeeze and get rid of that ugly pustule! But you should try and resist the urge to zap zits by squeezing them for several reasons:

  • pimpleTouching your face is anyway a bad idea; all kind so germs and bacteria which reside on the skin of your hands because you use your hands for so many different functions – can transfer to the facial skin and actually be a cause for pimples.
  • Touching pimples could exacerbate already existing ones as well.
  • Popping pimples or squeezing zits actually causes the skin to break in that area and damages it. It causes scarring that could be permanent and there are various different kinds of acne scars that won’t go away at all with time.
  • Popping acne could also expose the infection to further exacerbation and make things worse by giving rise to new pimples. It could also push the bacteria deeper into the skin.
  • As for blackheads and whiteheads the same applies, you can worsen the problem by spreading the bacteria. Also you could end up pushing the bacteria deeper under the skin and cause lumps there. This can also end up enlarging your pores making the problem worse.


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