Prevent Your Skin From Stretch Marks! Tips For Unsightly Stretch Marks!

Stretch marks, according to dermatology, are some form of scarring on the skin.

These occur generally because of pregnancy, fatness, bodybuilding, puberty, and deep physical activities.

Stretch marks occur when skin is stretched beyond its natural elasticity.

Thus, it causes disturbance in the generation of collagen, a special protein for maintaining skin elasticity and also to stretch your body as weight increases.Stretch Marks

So maintain collagen levels for healthy skin. Stretch marks are generally established in a sequence of small, indented stripes and are rough. They appear as a pink or reddish brown color for a light skin and often look purple. For a darker skin, they appear in brown color.

Genetics plays a better role in developing stretch marks. If a member of your family has these marks, particularly your mom or sister, then you have possibility of developing them.

Simple Tips For Diminishing Stretch Marks

By checking your weight regularly, you can avoid developing these stretch marks. However, pregnant women need to maintain weight as per doctor’s advice. Never starve for avoiding stretch marks.

They need to take care of their diets and increase weight gradually as part of childbearing process. This allows skin to progressively stretch for the accommodation of growing baby inside.

Generally, the last trimester of pregnancy is the period for weight gain, as the baby grows completely. For avoiding stretch marks during this period, regularly apply lotion on the skin but consult a doctor before applying, as some may harm the baby inside.

Lotion helps decrease the probability of getting these marks, as it helps remain the skin flexible. Also, drink ample of fluids to maintain skin’s elasticity. Thus, a pregnant woman can reduce stretch marks development.

Fortunately, as you lose your weight, these marks will automatically lighten and itching may remain constant.

If you are a bodybuilder, then increase your muscles gradually [Body building techniques]. A quick increase in muscle mass may force your skin to stretch away from its elasticity. Thus, plan your bodybuilding program to evade stretch marks.

If you are neither a pregnant nor a bodybuilder, then the best way to avoid these marks is to take proper diet and keep a healthy body weight. Also, drink more water to maintain skin’s flexibility.

Still developing stretch marks due to puberty! You have ways to remove them. You can apply lotions and creams or can prefer surgeries for elimination. These cannot remove them completely; however helps lessen the visibility of stretch marks.

Instead of all these, the best alternative is hiding the stretch marks. Use over-the-counter sunless tanning lotion or prefer a sunless tanning treatment to balance the skin color, as these marks pigmentation is lighter than the surrounding skin.

However, tan doesn’t give you a natural look because these marks are scarred tissue, not a healthy tissue to tan.

By taking precautions and leading healthy lifestyle, you can avoid developing stretch marks. Avoiding is nearly impossible in situations, such as puberty and childbirth.

Therefore, take proper diet, drink ample of fluids, and apply lotions for maintaining skin’s elasticity. If all these fail, just hide your stretch marks.


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