The Truth About Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing has become a very popular treatment now-a-days.

With the advancement of technology, you can actually conduct laser resurfacing to remove wrinkles, acne, facial discolorations, and scars.

The treatment is conducted by dermatology surgeons using a wand resembling gadget that emits concentrated light beams to the desired area.

What is laser resurfacing?

The laser resurfacing treatment involves burning the outer skin layers to allow new skin to surface after the treatment is finished.

Due to the nature of this treatment, you can be assured that facial imperfections such as uneven skin tone and color can be remedied with the best technology available today.

How it works

Certain guidelines have to be followed by the dermatology surgeon and conducting this is a must before these kinds of treatments.

Remember to be very honest when a background check on your medical history will be performed to asses your condition and verify your qualification before anything happens. It is mandatory that you do not withhold any details regarding medical history.

You will then be assessed regarding your laser resurfacing while plans before the treatment will be conducted. It is very important that by this time you listen very closely to your dermatologist.

You would be given specific instructions regarding your pre-treatment activities and you would be asked to avoid application of facial cream, cosmetic make-up, facial oils, and even certain medicines to avoid any complications before your laser resurfacing.

After the treatment, you will once again be briefed by your dermatology surgeon on what should be done. Proper ointments and medicines will be prescribed to you and should be followed to the dot.

Perhaps, rest for a couple of days or even weeks would be wise as not to irritate your face. It is very important that you do not expose yourself to direct sunlight as it may also cause complications.

Do not be surprised if you notice pink discolorations to your face as it is only normal to have it for a couple of weeks after laser resurfacing.

Advantages of laser resurfacing

There are a lot of advantages of laser resurfacing. You do not need to worry about pain as anesthesia will be given to counter it. Although during the treatment you may feel some discomfort due to the laser beam burning through your skin.

It is said that the deeper the beam goes the more anesthesia is given to the patient. Another advantage of laser resurfacing is its ability to have a successful outcome without bleeding.

Since the treatment process does not involve any incision of any sort and solely relies on a focused light beam, a bloodless operation is possible.

So far, laser resurfacing operations have proven to be very successful since there are so much people who actually engage themselves in this kind of treatment. There aren’t much negative feedbacks regarding laser resurfacing.

It is also important that you, as the patient and customer, must be thoroughly briefed on what to expect after the treatment since there are some things that laser resurfacing can and cannot do.

You must keep in mind though that this treatment is classified as modern technology and can therefore be a little costly. The price usually ranges from somewhere along $500 to $5000 depending on the treatment to be done.


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