Cosmetic Laser Surgery – A Surgical Procedure That Uses Laser Beam To Cut Through The Tissue!

Cosmetic Laser SurgeryCosmetic laser surgery came into light very long back.

In the medical field, lasers are used as medical instruments to cut through the tissue with its energy in order to minimize the bleeding.

Lasers can reach those parts of the body that are obstructed in someway.

Laser surgery is a surgery that utilizes the cutting power of the laser beam to remove lesions of the skin and to cut through the tissue without blood loss. Depending on emitting light wavelengths, power images, and ability to clot, cut, or vaporize, there are different types of laser surgeries.

Among those, pulsed dye laser, argon laser, excimer laser, YAG laser, KTP laser, CO2 laser, and diode laser are the lasers that are commonly used.

Laser is intensification of light by stimulated production of radiation. In many type of surgical procedures, lasers are being used. Some of them include cosmetic surgery, refractive eye surgery, general surgery, dental procedures [Cosmetic Dentistry], and many other surgeries.

Cosmetic eye surgery and laser hair removal surgeries are also types of cosmetic laser surgeries.

Cosmetic laser surgery is the best surgery because it is less invasive and it works best without any damage to your skin. Cosmetic laser surgery helps removing the tattoos, scars, birthmarks, sunspots, wrinkles [Wrinkle Cure], stretch marks [Remove Stretch Marks], spider veins, port-wine stains, damaged blood vessels, and hair.

In most of the situations, you may have to take more than one laser treatments to respond and in some cases, you may respond with first laser treatment only. The results of laser surgery last approximately eight to ten years before you need to go for another laser treatment.

When you opt to undergo cosmetic laser surgery, you will get a fresh look on your face. In fact you can look ten to twenty years younger. Of course, it will depend on how much skin care you took in your younger life.

Because the laser surgery is less invasive and does not require many sutures, your recovery time will be less and at the same time, the risk is very minimal with cosmetic laser surgery.

The problem is that you cannot able to do all the procedures in this way because some procedures warrant having cuts, which laser surgery does not support. So, cosmetic laser surgery is not always the choice.

Before going for cosmetic laser surgery, consult your plastic surgeon whether the situation suits the laser.

After your cosmetic surgeon confirms that the laser will be useful, your surgeon will tell you the laser of choice and its results. Your surgeon will also explain you the precautions that need to take before laser surgery.

After cosmetic laser surgery, you will need to follow postoperative precautions as per the direction of your surgeon, particularly avoid sun exposure.

People with sensitive skin may not be suitable for this cosmetic laser surgery, as they tend to have risk of damage at the time of surgery.

It is important for you to know all the facts, risks and benefits, advantages and disadvantages of laser surgery thoroughly before going for cosmetic laser surgery.


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