6 Tips for a Bad Hair Day

In case you are having a bad hair day, here are few tricks to bring life to your hair. You do not have to visit beauty salon to look good. Surely some of these tips may help you improve your hair look.

According to many specialists the bad hair needs “feeding”. You can nourish your hair with natural hair products. Another option is to prepare a homemade mask.

1. Just open the fridge and seek for avocado juice or honey. These two are natural antioxidants and can literally “feed “your hair. Apply one of these products on the hair and wrap your hair in a warm towel to deeply nourish your hair. This way your hair absorbs the nutrients easily. Wash away the mask after 30 minutes and you will see the result.

washing-hair2. In case your hair doesn’t have volume, you can easily volumize your hair. You don’t need to visit the beauty salon. You can use volumizing products or create one by yourself.

This may sound a bit odd, but one of the best natural volume products is the mixture of water and sugar. Moisten the hair roots and dry with a hairdryer to fix. The results are amazing and they don’t require much time.

3. For many women wearing a hat is a bit unpleasant, because afterwards the hair gets static. Get rid of static by fabric softener sheet. Rub them over your hair or simply use an anti-static conditioner.

4. Sometimes the hair gets limp and lank, because of the products we are using. In case you have used too much mousse or gel, simply spray the hair with warm water. This will help you to re-style your haircut.

5. The greasy roots are often a big problem, especially if you did not wash your hair before going out.

Disguise the oily roots and tie the hair in a tight ponytail. In case you want to refresh curls, mix water and styling lotion for curls in your hand.

Then simply wash the curls. Wrap the curls with your fingers to shape and tab them. Use a diffuser to fix.

greasy-roots6. The Olive oil also can help you to refresh the smoothness of your hair. It is the most effective product for soft and smooth hair.

All you need to do is to pour ¼ cup olive oil in a bottle of mineral water, replace the cap and warm under the hot spray of the sink.

Apply the mixture on your hair and wrap your hair in a towel. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse well. Add leave in conditioner and you are done.


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