Float Trick For Determining Hair Health

Let’s face it girls; our hair is subject to a lot in the name of vanity, beauty, style, fashion, being current, being with it or just fitting into a bunch of notions for looking good that we have inside of our heads.

In the event, our hair is colored, blow dried, ironed, bleached and heaven knows what else.

And then there are many chemical treatments that we subject out poor tresses to: perming, rebonding, hair extensions; the list goes on…Hair care tips

So how do you know that in spite of taking good care, is not quite in the pink of health.

Sometimes even damaged hair can be fine to look at because of the cosmetics that you use or apply since they can offer a temporary shine that is misleading.

To assess the health of your hair; whether dry, or damaged or weak or unhealthy, you can try the strand test for your hair. Just take one or two strands of hair and put them in a glass of water; if it floats, its fine if not, well… you need help.

You can use this strand test, or float trick even to determine how good or bad a hair color or other product is for your hair, before you actually use it for an entire head application!


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