Hair Straightening For Curly Hair! How To Make It Possible?

hair straighteningToday, women, with all ages, wish to have their hair straight and are trying on their curly hair.

Previously, however, there were no appliances available for hair straightening and used equipments such as clothing iron to get their desired look.

Today however, you have many hair straightening devices and hair care products for straightening the curly hair to provide a desired look.

Straightening curly hair is not an easy job, moreover if your hair is enormously curly. Don’t worry; hair straightening is achievable but it takes more hours to straighten a thick or long curly hair. So, remember that this process is not a quick change to try instantly.

Hair Straightening Steps For Silky and Shiny Hair

Follow a few steps before you select any hair straightening appliances. First, start with washing and conditioning your hair. Sometimes hair straightening can make it dry and spoiled.

So, prefer a deep conditioner for straightening your curly hair as it helps you in making your hair silky and shiny. Always towel-dry your hair before applying a straightening gel, as it helps prepare your hair for the process.

Better allow your hair to air dry a little before introducing hair dryer to your hair. Tie the top portions of your hair up on your head to work on single section at one time.

After tying, make use of a round brush, drag a small section of your hair straight and dry it using hair dryer. Continue this process, section by section, until your complete hair is dry.

You’ll experience quite frizz if your hair is extremely curly. Don’t worry; this experience will not remain once you complete the process. The best tool in hair straightening is flat iron.

You can select these flat irons, hair straightening appliances, with different widths and the best width of flat irons that you can stick with is approximately one and half inches wide. The smaller versions are easier to handle and works better than their larger counterparts.

Today, flat irons are available easily. You can consult your stylist for getting information on best brands. Prefer ceramic versions if you find difficult in straightening your obstinate curly hair.

You can even select a flat iron for hair straightening while it is wet. This may not work well on extreme curly hair. So, be careful of these combos when you find difficulty.

Now, flat irons are also available with different temperature settings. You can learn of these settings through detailed booklet of the product. Always prefer lowest setting for your hair.

For a fine hair, start with the lowest setting and work your way up in temperature until you get the desired results. Always better to start with too low setting rather than to start with too high and burn your hair.

You will be unfamiliar with flat irons when you plan to straighten your hair. So, never tempt to buy the expensive flat iron because some cheaper versions also work well.

Always prepare your hair well before straightening your hair, an important key to make your hair straightening success and to make your hair smooth and frizz-free.


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