Fun Ways To Select A New Hair Style

hairstyleIf you are thinking of getting a makeover, chances are you know that the single biggest factor for altering the way you look is the hair; it’s all about the hair! Changing the hair’s length, color, look will most arrestingly alter the way you look.

But, it is big step to completely alter your hair style and you are probably a little scared of trying it out, wondering whether you will like the end result or not!

So for those of us who are feeling such trepidation, there is a solution: websites that give you a preview of a new hair style or color that you are contemplating.

At this ivillage website, you can either choose one from 12 different models (you have the option of choosing from different skin and face types) or upload and use your own photo. Then you choose a hair color that you were thinking of from among 70 shades that they have on offer.

By the way if you were wondering how you would look with a Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain ‘do’ you can straightaway check it here. You can flip the image, rotate it, and click to drag the hair up or down.

Once you choose the hair color, you pick whether you want the hair to be long, short, medium etc, and then apply that to the face so that you have a pretty good idea of what the hair style and hair color you are contemplating will look on you.  Here also, you can try out different hair styles using either your own or a model’s picture.

At as well you can check out all kinds of different hair styles. They claim to offer 3000 different hair styles with 55 different color variations: you can choose from Everyday Hairstyles, Celebrity Hairstyles, Classic Hairstyles, Formal Hairstyles, Wedding Hairstyles, Bridal Hairstyles, Men’s Hairstyles, Alternative Hairstyles, Dreadlock Hairstyles and even play about with 3D effects to see the sides and back.

These sites are not just for the ladies, men also get to check out how they will look with different men’s hair style, color and length, to say nothing of facial hair! If men are thinking of trying out a new hair style they can visit this hair finder page, which lets them pick a color, style etc and even lets them check out some funky facial hair. And yes guys can upload their own photo (or your man’s photo) and see a preview of the new look as well!


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