Hair Restoration Surgery – The Best Procedure That Gives Permanent Results!

Are you suffering from loss of hair? There are many hair loss treatments available to restore the growth of hair.

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that helps to correct the baldness.

Hair restoration includes procedures that can help your hair loss issues such as baldness [Baldness Cure], thinning of the hair, hair receding, and other issues.

The reasons for hair loss are many. Some people suffer hair loss due to their age, some from using dye frequently and other chemicals that cause damage to the scalp, some from excess use of shampoos and conditioners, some due to hereditary reasons, and some from diseases and allergies.Hair Restoration

Whatever might be the cause of your hair loss, it will embarrass you if you suffer from loss of hair. There are some approaches of hair restoration, which include surgical, pharmaceutical, and some others.

Surgical hair restoration means replacing the area of thinning or lost hair with the hair taken from live and growing area of the head (entire hairs and hair follicles will be removed).

It is a permanent solution for your hair loss. In this method, your own hair uses for replacement, but it is most expensive and painful.

The other method of hair restoration is pharmaceutical. Propecia (finasteride) helps some people (men) in controlling loss of hair and hair re-growth.

There are some side effects associated with this drug, which include sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, and other sexual related problems, but these effects will go off when you stop taking this drug.

When the cause of hair loss is age or hormonal problem, Rogaine (minoxidil) will be used for hair restoration. It will take sometime to show the effect of this drug. This helps both men and women. If you have seen no effect in 12 months, then it is impossible to have any results.

In order to treat alopecia areata (patches of baldness on the scalp, eyebrows, and bearded portion of the face), injections or topical steroids will be used for hair restoration. It is thought to be due to immune disorder.

Apart from these, natural supplements like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc help in treating the hair restoration.

Many of these natural supplements put together in a single formula are effective. Pumpkin (extracted oil from seeds), Saw Palmetto, and horsetail are some of the herbs that give good results in hair restoration.

One more hair restoration method is spray, which will be sprayed in the areas of thinning hair. This spray will cover the thinning area and looks like hair. There are many lotions, shampoos, massagers, etc that help hair restoration and also there are many more treatments.

Going for hair transplantation surgery is the most important decision, as it will change your look permanently. Excessive smoking, heavy drinking, drug abuse, obesity, use of herbal supplements, and many more are some of the risk factors of hair loss.

Before taking the decision to undergo hair restoration surgery, consult the best physician in your area in order to know what is the best method in restoring your hair.


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