10 Ways To Age Like A Frenchwoman

The enviable chic and elegance of the Frenchwoman can be emulated using the following ten tips from the New York Times:

  1. applying-lotionBe more aware of your femininity and take care of yourself better
  2. Aim for the natural look. Remember that heavy makeup can age you by bringing attention of lines and pores – lip-color blush and mascara may be all you need
  3. Don’t use soap, rather use lotions and hydrating creams applied with a cosmetic sponge – to create enough abrasion to remove dead cells
  4. Cold water rises are excellent for the skin – do this after a shampoo and shower
  5. Eat fresh, not processed and keep off the pounds
  6. Visit the spa for some pampering
  7. Visit the dermatologist to address specific problems rather than use trial and error with over the counter formulations
  8. If cosmetic surgery is used, it is used to look natural. You need not try and look 20 years younger than you are.
  9. Dress your age, dress feminine and use accessories cleverly – scarves to disguise the neck wattle for instance
  10. Think sexy – in the words of Françoise Sagan “A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take it off you.”


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