Ballerina Make-Up For A Spectacular Look

Marc Jacob’s spring 2010 show was the point of discussion, not just for its soft colors and fabrics but also for the bold theater inspired make up.

Francois Noir, the make up master, felt the need of striking make up to offset the soft looks of the garments.

Francois Noir along with Martha Graham chose to make the models resemble ballerinas who had just walked off the stage.

Marc Jacobs 1 The tight pulled back buns, very white faces, red pointed lips and eyes that have been drawn outwards instead of upwards completed the theatrical look.

Marc Jacobs 2

The whole look reminded one of the ‘30s stage makeup, despite that it had a very modern and contemporary edge to it. The skin was made to look very pale and powdery and the slight hue of the skin was created thanks to the Sheer Matte foundation and loose powder.

Marc Jacobs 3The eyebrows were thin lines drawn with the help of an eyebrow pencil. Liquid eyeliner was used to create the graphic eye. The eyes were made to stand out with false lashes and lengthening mascara.

Marc Jacobs 4

Strips of white shimmer, reminiscent of the ‘70s were used on the eyelids to create a 3D look. The look was completed with dark red lipstick from Velvet Matte Lipstick.


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