Change Your Look To Revive Your Love Life

It is the character that matters, but still have you ever noticed how after any Hollywood break up, women are getting more and more beautiful?

It is a natural instinct to move on and change your look in order to find something better in your life.

In case you are happily single after complicated relationship, start to apply your freedom on your face. Add a shiny lip gloss in your cosmetic bag.

makeover 01Try new color lipsticks, the more bright colors, the more changed look you will achieve.  Pink, red, apricot and orange are a suitable idea for more impressive make-up.

Start using a spring eye shadow and experiment with more unusual shades and eyebrow color. There is a saying that the haircut should be changed after any break-up.

Do it! A new hair color will give you a new different style, so consider it as an option for your new approach in life. Don’t feel afraid to change your typical make up! Add more bold and bright colors and see the change on your face!


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