The Holiday Spirit – Show It Through Your Makeup

A holiday is also about you and your beauty. Don’t forget that any holiday depends on your feelings about it. If you are feeling good, you are surely going to look more beautiful. Therefore, the most important care for your beauty is your mood. Another thing you should consider is your festive makeup.

Usually the makeup for some official events like Thanksgiving and Christmas is heavier than the casual one, so research more about the makeup you are going to use. Don’t buy products that contain hazardous substances, especially toxins.

holiday makeup tips

The “cat eye” look is perfect for such a holiday, but you will need winged liquid eyeliner.

You can also choose some individual false lashes. The eyeshades are also a must for the holidays, but you should pick them according to your outfits.

If you want to underline your lips, choose a strong red lipstick. Red is also the color of the celebration, so you will surely be the center of attention. Don’t forget to put mascara, for it will add deeper look to your eyes.

Another thing, which you should consider is the powder. Choose a light powder. Apply a creamy one only if you have something unpleasant, like a blemish, to hide.


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