Pamper Your Skin With Natural Cosmetics!

Natural cosmeticsAre you concerned about your skin? Then it is very essential for you to know about natural cosmetics.

Most of the cosmetic products are made with certain chemicals, which can cause damage to your skin on long term usage.

Nature offers many different kinds of products which can be wisely employed in the making of innumerable natural cosmetics. Mostly plant products are widely used for the making of these cosmetics. So, this is the reason for the natural cosmetics to be known as herbal cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics are usually referred as the cosmetics which are made with the products obtained from the nature which may include certain essential oils like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, etc. and also certain plants and herbal extracts.

The manufacturing process of natural cosmetics can either involve using these products directly or else they can also use the derivatives of these herbal extracts.

How natural cosmetics are helpful for your skin?

Natural cosmetics have become very popular because of its purity in the ingredients they use and also due to benefits they offer for the customers. Natural cosmetics can give the desired effect which you get from using cosmetics made with certain chemicals and synthetic substances.

Natural cosmetics are considered as a host of benefits. As they are made with natural ingredients, they are quite harmless for your skin and can be helpful for you in maintaining healthy skin. They are involved with time tested ingredients with proven efficiency.

A sensible combination of potent herbs cannot only give you a good cosmetic effect but they are also helpful for you in treating several ailments and also provide you with healthy hair care.

Several natural products used in natural cosmetics such as leaves, fruits, roots, etc; are very helpful in supplying essential nutrients to your skin.

Certain home made recipes for natural cosmetics:

If you are not interested in purchasing cosmetics, there are many homemade recipes which can help you in making your own natural cosmetics. Some of these homemade natural recipes include:


Take one tablespoon of each pure vegetable glycerin and beet root powder. Mix them well in a saucer and stir it perfectly. Add half table spoon of vitamin E oil to the mixture. You can also use olive oil as a substitute for vitamin E oil.

Store this mixture in a glass or plastic container and keep it in your refrigerator and apply it either with your finger or you can also use a lipstick brush for the application.


Take certain amounts of cornstarch in a saucer and add 50% glycerin to make a paste. After mixing it well, slowly add required amounts of beet root powder to get desired color. You can also use a charcoal pill to darken it if desired. To get 50% glycerin, add equal amounts of water and glycerin.

These are some of the homemade recipes for natural cosmetics. Try them at your home once. Natural cosmetics are suitable for every kind of skin and they are also very helpful for you to get healthy and glowing skin.


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