iS – Revolutionary And Truly Aiming For The Perfect You

Here is a new line of cosmetics that will help you improve your skin’s condition visibly and with no effort.

An anti aging, anti acneic and brightening composition from iS Clinical which reduces the visible wrinkles while diminishing the hyperpigmentation and acne; it smoothens and softens the texture of the skin, by providing long term and short term results .

It is improved with sugar cane extracts, glycolic acid and bilberry extract; it is also a source of lactic acid and white willow bark.

Salicylic acid is another important component which will moisturize your skin and make it look considerably younger.

The iS Care specialists have also used mushroom extracts to improve the quality of their products, for a maximum of satisfaction from all their customers.

The team of professionals at iS Care were very careful in assembling a line of tested skincare products and anti-aging cosmetics; the experts in botanical pharmacology and molecular biology and biochemistry are managing each project with the help of CEO Bayan Johns and director Charlene DeHaven so that the success of their lines is reassured and confirmed.

On top of all, the iS Care products are guaranteed to offer both physical and emotional comfort and help develop a lifestyle based on fundamental cultures and traditions.


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