Do’s And Don’ts To Achieve Perfect Skin!

Perfect skin is not something that you get instantaneously. Having perfect skin is hard to achieve and one need to follow a skincare routine as well as best cosmetics suitable for the skin.

If you are starting a skincare routine for perfect skin, then here are certain do’s and dont’s that you need to follow.

Do’s for perfect skin

Healthy diet: It is an essential factor to keep skin healthy and perfect. So, follow a healthy diet regimen(Skincare diet) and ensure that your regular diet meal contains no less than five portions of vegetables and fruits to keep vitamin levels in proper proportion. Multivitamins are also good to increase vitamin levels .perfect skin11

So, if you are unsure about vitamin increase through your diet, then take multivitamin.

As fatty foods increase greasiness in the skin and causes acne and spots, it is always good to stay away from fatty foods.

Drink plenty of water: It plays a vital role in keeping the skin hydrated. Drinking plenty of water gives more hydration to the skin and keeps skin moist, flexible, and clear. Less water consumption is indirectly a cause of wrinkles.

If you do not hydrate your skin properly, the skin loses its moisture and causes the skin to develop wrinkles. So, make a habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water each day.

Rest/sleep: Sleep or rest is essential for us to stay energetic and active. The same applies for skin also. Insufficient rest or sleep leads to early aging process.

Therefore, to keep skin healthy and perfect, it is essential to have minimum of eight hours sleep a day. It is also good idea to take rest in the gap between your works during the day.

Exercise: Doing exercises like yoga not only keeps physically fit but also supplies oxygen and other essential nutrients to the skin with which skin becomes firm and well nourished. It has been proved that regular exercise decelerates aging process.

Exercise keeps skin healthy by maintaining proper blood circulation, encouraging the nerves to get relaxed deeper, and providing more revitalizing sleep. Therefore, do more exercises and maintain your skin young and good looking.

Massage: It is the best way to maintain perfect skin. Massaging helps to improve blood circulation in the skin, increases skin’s elasticity and gives skin a fresh and energetic look. So, massage your skin regularly to keep your skin away from aging effects.

Sun Protection: An over exposure to the sun makes the skin prone to several skin diseases. Therefore, it is always good to stay at home when the sun is in its strongest. If you are going out in sun, wear a sun protective formula, sunglasses and a hat before leaving.

Don’ts for perfect skin

Stress: Stress not only affects physically and mentally but it also affects the skin badly. Stress is the main factor that accelerates the process of aging where it allows the skin to develop wrinkles, fine lines and/or age spots. Therefore, it is good to take more relaxation. Proper relaxation can keep the mind in good condition, allowing stress to be away from thoughts (relaxation techniques).

Lifestyle: Certain lifestyle habits affect the skin condition. Habits such as smoking, boozing are hazards to the skin. Smoking takes away the suppleness and liveliness of the skin, giving rise to sagging skin. It also inhibits blood circulation and causes skin to develop pimples and other spots. So, quit smoking and bring back that good condition to your skin.

Therefore, using the above suggestions, give your skin the right care and achieve perfect skin!


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