How To Choose A Perfect Skin Cleanser For Your Skin Type?

Cleansing is very important to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Your skin is the main organ which is exposed to pollution, dust and harmful radiation.

So, it is always essential to cleanse your skin regularly using skin cleansers.

Every one of you doesn’t have same kind of skin type. Some people have oily; some may have dry, sensitive or normal.

Depending on your skin type you must choose skin cleansers.

Which kind of skin cleansers do you need?

Different types of skin and the skin cleansers that are suitable for corresponding skin type are given here.Skin Cleansers

Dry skin – skin cleansers:

If your skin is dull, flaky and patched, especially around eyes and lips then your skin is said to be dry. Dry skin people can find formation of lines around eyes or at the corners of mouth, below eyes and also on the cheeks.

If you have dry skin then you have to use mild and gentle soaps or detergents. Do not use cleansers on the body in winter season. Many types of dry skin cleansers are available.

Use the one which suits to your skin. Cetaphil or aquanil are the latest products, showing better results. They are being used by dry skin people.

If you have dry skin then you have to avoid hot water, alcohol, harsh soaps or detergents, sun bathing, direct spraying of perfumes to skin and mineral oil. [Dry Skin Care]

Oily skin – skin cleansers:

If your skin is more shiny or dull in color then your skin is said to be oily. As the skin is oily it absorbs more dirt or dust and gets deposited in the deep pores of your skin. So it is always recommended to cleanse your skin regularly.

Skin cleansers used for oily skin mostly include products which will rinse off well like liquid cleansers, Strong liquid cleanser or soap gels.

If you have oily skin then avoid oil based products and reduce the oil intake in your diet. Apply sun blocks when you go out from home and always try to keep your skin dry. [Oily Skin Care]

Sensitive skin – skin cleansers:

If you have sensitive skin, then it has less tolerance level towards change in environmental conditions and reacts adversely.

People with this type of skin must be very careful while using any new product or chemical to skin. Skin cleansers used for this type of skin are mostly made with synthetic detergents with balanced pH level and which can be tolerated by sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin then you must avoid cleansers with fragrance or more preservatives. You have to avoid brushing your skin for cleansing if your skin is oily. [Sensitive Skin Care]

Normal skin- skin cleansers:

If you have normal skin, then you can use any kind of skin cleansers. Try to use hard water for cleansing. It is always suggestible to use mild soaps and mild liquid cleansers even if you have normal skin.

Cleansing [Skin Care Cleansing] is always essential for any type of skin. So don’t neglect to clean your skin regularly to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Skin Cleansers


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