Make Up Gives a Ravishing Ultra Look – Skin Care

Oops! Make Up! I know how it feels to get a warm compliment of looking beautiful. That’s why we get ready for isn’t it. It feels great to be beautiful.

To get an admiration, have a flawless skin, those perfect features, that positive aura, we need to follow a complete skin care program. Sounds great! Feels great!

We all know that nature does its bit. But are we satisfied? Undoubtedly No! We always want more.

In this process of wanting more we apt cosmetics and follow fashion for a temporary change, but for a permanent one we switch to good food, regular exercise, and regular care

Lets talk about the temporary new look which can be brought by a sensible make up, a tip of skin care. All you office going ladies here’s something for you in short for your skin care. Just a simple day time make up will be really good for you. It’s very basic and you can build on it to suit the occasion perfectly.

Makeup Skin care! First and foremost apply a light moisturizer containing sunscreen, after this you are ready to apply foundation. Be very careful with the foundations you select, as many a times you may encounter acne or rash or any other skin allergy. So go for a good branded, your skin suitable foundations. Also the foundation must match your skin tone not to overdo the makeup.

Use foundation where you need it, I mean to say that if your facial skin has acne, scars, blemishes then you can put a thick layer on those areas. It’s better to apply foundation using fingertips or a cosmetic sponge which will help to blend well.

Don’t Forget! Blend the foundation on to your jawline and slightly on to your neck. Otherwise you will have a line from your jaw to your neck. Oops! That will look too odd, just like you have a mask on. Never ever test a foundation or concealer color on your hand. This will not be enough, better to match it on the facial skin or neck.

Eyes! The most prominent and expressive features in your face are Eyes. You can make them look awesome in just a fraction of seconds. Just brush a bit of vanilla or cream colored shadow over the entire eye lid. This really opens up the whole eye area. Ladies already with big eyes may avoid this. Do not use loud or bright colors that will over emphasize the fullness.

You can line your eyes with a taupe colored pencil, beginning at the inner corner of the eye and working outward. A line as close to the lashes as possible looks really great. Final Touch Up! Finish the eye make up by curling your lashes. You may or may not use mascara, but if you choose to, apply lightly without overdoing it.

Now the cheeks!! Apply a cream blush to the upper roundness of the cheeks, blending upward and outward.

Lips Oops! Don’t you dare to leave them behind? Lipstick can also double as a cream blush. Line lips in a similar rose/pink shade, then fill in with the same color. A bit of gloss will finish the look beautifully!

Remember skin care is what is needed by one and all. It is compulsory that skin care should be followed without neglecting in order to achieve the best. Now you are done with that perfect office look as simple and as attractive as it should be. Now Get Set Go!


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