Oily Skin Care For Men

skin careYes even men have problems with oily skin. Skin issues are not limited to gender.

So here are some tips to give the man in your life that healthy and oil-free glow.

Oily skin can lead to numerous headaches, including clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

Men’s skin tends to clog much more than women’s; therefore taking care of his skin is equally as important as taking care of yours.

Scrub it away. Loofahs aren’t only for ladies, but you guys should really start taking this handy beauty regimen seriously.

Scrubbing and therefore exfoliating the skin is the best way to ensure that your pores are dirt free and clean. Clogged up pores always leads to blackheads, pimples and oily skin.

Nowadays, even the leading cosmetic companies are taking note with respect to creating a line specifically geared to their male clientele.

Neutrogena leads the pack with a men’s skin care line that shouldn’t be ignored. Keeping the skin clear also makes sure that there aren’t any ingrown hair issues either.

Morning and evening skin routine is imperative. Hopping in an out of the shower should not take the place of a proper facial skin care cleansing routine.

It is always smart to invest in proper skin care products that are geared to really getting in there and cleaning up your pores.

Cleansers, toners and moisturizers (make sure that the moisturizers are labeled for “oily skin”) helps you not only start and end the day just right, but also helps you with long lasting great skin.

Cleansing products such as skin cleansers and scrubs should be oil free (they usually contain some alcohol component) as it is important to have something that will definitely get the job done.

The T-Zone area, which is across your forehead and down your nose, is where you should use oil-free products, as that is where biggest problems lie.

After cleansing your skin with the proper skin cleansers, end your routine by using a toner. Toner should only be used if you don’t have dry or sensitive skin, as it tends to cause some irritation and burning.

Just make sure that it’s alcohol-free as using a toner will help maintain the proper PH balance of your skin.

Moisturize. That is key. All moisturizers already have a built in sun block component (most have a rating of SPF 15 or higher) so feel free to make sure that your face and neck is properly moisturized at the end of your skin care routine.

Masks. Clay masks to be worn once a week is a great way to deep cleanse the pores and give the skin the nourishment that it needs.

And don’t be afraid to go to the pros. Professional treatments such as booking a facial at the spa is highly recommended. They can really dig down and make sure that your skin is in top shape.

Now that you can give your best face forward with these helpful tips in your face and your mug, oil-free.


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