Quick Makeover Tips for New Mothers

To take a good care for yourself while taking a care for your newborn isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Your skin needs an adequate care after the pregnancy, so here are few beauty tips for new moms.

The first thing that you should consider as very important is your sleep.

night-creamThe new moms don’t sleep as well as before, but they should sleep in the day, while their baby is asleep.

Drinking more water than before is a must, for you need to hydrate your skin. Any dermatologist will advise you to use post-pregnancy creams that will help your skin regenerate and turn to its previous glow.

Try to clean your face with neutral cosmetic milk every evening.

Use a mineral water to rinse off the milk. You can use toning lotion, but make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol. Carefully dry your skin and apply an organic night cream. Make sure it is a protective greasy cream, for it will help your skin to hydrate better in the night.

Splash your face with cold water every morning and use a moisturizing day cream.

Try to avoid heavy foundation in the days after the birth. Replace the skin foundation with a light powder.

honey-and-lemon-juiceThe face moisturizing masks are extremely important in this period. Try organic masks that don’t contain any toxins.

In case you are fan of the home made mask, you can always use the old recipe with honey and lemon juice, which is a great one for refreshing your skin.

If you want your skin to remain soft and flexible, brush it regularly with a light cream based on natural ingredients.

Try to massage your entire body with almond oil to soften the skin. The coconut oil is said to be magical, when it comes to dry lips, so go for it.

Smoothen your lips and kiss your baby tender with the help of an adequate lip balm.

Your bust also requires special care. Select a convenient cotton bra and try to massage it each morning. Try the famous Scottish shower – apply hot and cold water, for it will make the skin more elastic.

A good lotion is also a must have. Vitamin D and E are the vitamins you will need more than ever, so try to take them in any shape. You can apply vitamin E on your skin, for it is a natural cure and it stimulates the growth of new cells.


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