Rice – a Skin Care Marvel

A newly launched, exclusive facial will feature something that most of us don’t equate with skin care; that is rice! It is thought that the vitamin complex found in rice is unique and that rice naturally nourishes skin.

rice-to-nourish-skinThe facial involves application of a pH balanced cleanser, and the applications of rice force deep moisture essences to improve skin hydration. Thefinishing serums impart a luminous shine.

For a long time now the properties of rice extracts and their ability to act as an anti aging powerhouse have been known.

Rice bran (the outer part of the grain or rice, from which edible oil is also extracted) has a chemical structure similar to ceramide found in human skin, which helps regenerate skin cells.

Further, rice has vitamin E and has the kind of oil proteins that help diminish the impact of free radicals on the skin, to help reduce signs of aging.


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