The Secrets Of Visible Youth

facial c areEveryone, particularly women, are interested in maintaining their youth and beauty.

Facial care is very important as that is usually the first part of our body most people notice.

Unfortunately, through years of squints and smiles we end up with crow’s feet and wrinkles around our mouth.

There are also age spots that appear on the face and hands; however, there are basic steps to prevent this.

While our skin does need a certain amount of vitamin D that the sun provides, too much sun can make the aging process faster, so sunscreen is necessary. It should be around SPF15 or higher.

Wearing wraparound sunglasses with UV protection will also protect the eyes from crow’s feet.

Clean the face with a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxyl which helps with the skin’s production of collagen; thereby, helping new skin cells to produce quicker.

Eating a balanced meal will ensure that the skin receives the necessary amounts of vitamins, such as A, C, D and E. Make sure to incorporate vegetables and fruits into the diet daily.

To prevent aged hands, washing and applying lotion is only the start. Also use an exfoliating scrub once a week and soak them in warm water that has a little bit of milk. Then apply oil, then a hand cream to help seal in the oil.

It’s hard to maintain care of the skin on a regular basis, but if a person wants to prevent the signs of aging, it is best to get into this particular habit.


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